Bio: I'm just a girl...most of my friends are guys. I don’t care why. Don’t offer your opinion. I live and die by my dreams and my family. I will disappear for no good reason. I have been known to frustrate even the most patient of people. Clowns scare the whotsit right outta me. So do pigeons and squirrels. My biggest fear is drowning. My biggest dream is owning a B&B in Vermont. If I owned a polar bear his name would be Skippy. If I owned a snake…well if you believe that, you don’t know me very well, do you? I like to be spanked. I like going to restaurants and paying the bill for the table next to me. I love wine, dominoes, and the color pink. Three Days Grace is the soundtrack of my soul. But then again, so is John Denver. At one time I was in possession of over 37 Sonic Drive-In Trays. My favorite pair of jeans cost $3.99 and came from Goodwill. I can’t live without coffee, pedicures, and good music. The phrase “lady in the street and a freak in the bed” was written expressly for me. I have a weird obsession with pajamas…I buy them by the scads…but sleep naked. What else could you *possibly* want to know?

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